“Does your leadership style match who you really are?” 

I’m naturally motivated and passionate about giving aspiring leaders a great start as they begin their leadership journey.

I have been where you are right now, wondering if I should be me or should i be the leader who is in charge! the boss! or what i think the company wants me to be? I decided to be the leader I thought they wanted me to be, and I’m telling you right now, it was tough! The energy it takes to be someone else in a leadership role is exhausting…I was so tired after work and I just wasn’t getting the fulfilment from leadership that I thought I would. I had always wanted to be a leader but it wasn’t delivering how I had envisioned.

I did this for years before I did anything about it. But once I did make the change, things turned around and I took my leadership to a whole new level.

This is why I decided to help new and aspiring leaders who were just starting out and assist leaders who were struggling with getting the motivation and fulfilment out of their leadership role.

I spent the best part of 2016 talking with new and aspiring leaders about what leadership meant to them and what challenges they faced in their leadership roles that impacted on them the most. Not surprisingly the majority felt that they had to stretch themselves to fulfil their leadership roles at work, basically they had to be someone different at work compared to the person they were away from work. This was evident in most cases, and this is generally because the leaders have a perception that the organisation expects them to behave a certain way as the leader in order to do their job well. This is the case in some organisations, but if this is you, this is your chance to create a whole new and wonderful culture shift that your colleagues will love. Once they realise that you can be naturally you and be a great leader, actually better then before, your leadership qualities and abilities go to another level.

I firmly believe this needs to be adopted everywhere! because business’s who have leaders who lead naturally and create amazing cultures will have amazing teams who enjoy what they do and get great results for the company and themselves.

Now that I’ve let you know why I’m so passionate about leadership I should let you know that I do have some qualifications as well and here they are; I have a degree in Nursing, I have a Diploma in Life and Leadership Coaching with over 20 years staff coaching and mentoring experience in Business, Health, Aged Care and fitness. I’m a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP and Matrix Therapies, I’m a Behavioural Consultant and a Certified Hypnotherapist.

I have a wealth of knowledge and tools to share with all my aspiring leaders out there who I know want to have great success and inspire teams and individuals to do great things.

The fact is this; “Great leadership is about others, its not about you!” so don’t make it complicated because it doesn’t have to be.

Cheers Lez.

Listen to Lez talk about his passion for leadership and helping others become great leaders.